Hi Emjai; How are you I absolutely loved your reading this evening. Thank-you so much for your insight.


Hi Emjai,I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful therapy today. The inner wave was certainly a different experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. I can see now why it is called wave as that is what I felt I was on. The massage was wonderful as well. You have a great touch with a very calming personality and soothing voice ( to compliment your kind eyes); you indeed made my initial visit a memorable one.I would like to explore the aura and chakra balancing you mentioned. I've read the section on your website as well as some other material regarding the chakras and I think it is something I would like to try. I know I haven't been feeling fully alive the last while for a number of reasons. As you suggested I would like to combine it with an Aromatherapy as well. I'm tempted to receive an Astrology Reading as well so if possible, could I book this entire session into one I'm assuming it would take a couple of hours.Once again thank you for the calming experience.

D. Hardy

Hi Emjai!Do you remember me I came to you for a reading a month or two ago and the cards were coming up that I should have my own business and Aces cards kept coming up in regards to that. At that point I had always wanted to have my own business but yet I didnt know what business that should be.Well, wouldnt you know that something fell into my lap that Im extremely excited about and know this is the one for me! So I just wanted to share that with you!!Thanks Emjai! From talking to you I have tons of confidence in the direction that Im moving If you ever have another networking type wine and cheese party I would love to be involved.

Love and light, Tash

Hi Emjai,Thank you so much for the reading and it was a wonderful experience to meet you.The tears were good for me even though I have never been a sobber except with the passing of my father and then later my first love.Still wish that I had taped it just to hear over again while alone. Especially the genius part. lolOnce again, bless you Emjai for your lightness in the world.

PAS Consultant at Repsol Energy.

Emjai is a gifted and talented healer with a wonderful loving spirit. When my emotional issues get the best of me, Emjai helps me to regain balance and perspective. She uses a combination of Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Sound Wave Technology, focussing indepth with my particular issue. creating affirmations for me to take home and using her intuitive guidance. If you are struggling emotionally or physically, I highly recommend to contact Emjai. Experiencing this unique healing will make a difference in your life.Darla,

Melanie James, Celebrate Change with home that fits.

Emjai is an amazing Astrologer. I was very inpressed with how she studied the Astological charts and able to explain to me the importance of the earth, sun and moon in my world and the best way to utilize this in my every day living. Incredibly impressed with her professionalism and knowledge on disciphering and explaining how, when and where I was born and how the universe is connected to us all in different ways. And why we are who we are. I was looking for understanding for certain things I do or feel and she gave me knowledge and clairity to many things.

Donna Younge, Astologer and Teacher

Emjai's intuitive gifts are amazing and I have always been able to rely on her for good advice. Her insight with the Tarot have helped me to make dicisions when I've been at a cross roads in my life. I highly recommend her.

Carell Mehl, Reiki Master Teacher

Emjai is an amazing Astrologer. She did my chart for me and I have had many done in the past and I must say her reading was by far the best. Her accurate interpretation confirm my own insights for this years journey. Her impressive intuition abilities led her to magnify what is important to me this year and my life journey. I strongly recommend her services, you will not be disappointed. Her caring and joyful spirit will provide a road maps to possibilities will encourage you to get done what you came here to do! Thank You Emjai,


Hi Emjai! I really hope you had a great weekend and got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather!After the reiki session last week, I have noticed a drastic change to everything I was experiencing! I wanted to give everything a bit of time to have it all balance out before sending you this email. The symptoms started to subside on Friday evening, and over the weekend. I can feel small traces of the Kundalini energy in my face at times, and sometimes in other areas of my body (but not nearly as much as I had experienced previously).Thank you so much for your help again! I will be following up with you again to have another session performed possibly in early July.Have a great evening,


Hi Emjai:Just wanted to let you how I felt like after I left your office. At first I was a little light headed and as the day when I felt a bit better, but was very tired when I went to bed last night. This morning I got up for the gym and for the first time since the divorce I did not think of the ex. And I do feel more grounded. Thank you for the Chakra Balancing experience and have a great weekend.Blessings;Ps. How did your evening go last night!


Hello Emjai, I wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you again for such an excellent reading. You are so majestic in every sense of the word and more accurate than I would have ever have imagined. I tried the Hot Chocolate Ginger Milk, it was outstanding!!