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Astrology “is the blueprint of the soul,” explains Emjai Rose, who can integrate astrology into her gentle intuitive readings, and channelling with her guides. “Your birthday with your time of birth determines many events in the course of your life. Knowing this can paint an accurate picture of your past, current and future circumstances.”

Memories have a powerful effect on the pattern of choices we make in life. These memories are both conscious and unconscious but the most powerful and influential memories of all are those unconscious memories we carry from before our birth and from our past lives.


Through evolutionary astrology, Emjai Rose can also tap into your past lives, how it plays it's self out in this life to evolve you into the next lifetime. Astrology can determine what your true callings in life are, helping you move more successfully through life. “It can tell you about why you behave the way you do, and why you experience the emotions you have.” Emjai Rose continues. “It can give a strong understanding of the ‘why’ in your life, through the transiting planets and your natal charts.”


1/2  hr.  $75.00
1 hour   $140.00

Sun in Aries
active, direct, extrovert, focused, idealistic, naive, passionate, pure, reckless, spontaneous

Sun in Taurus
comfortable, determined, harmonious, indulgent, lazy, patient, reliable, sensual, slow, stubborn

Sun in Gemini
clever, communicative, detached, flexible, humorous, impatient, shallow, shrewd, sociable, verbal

Sun in Cancer
emotional, domestic, genuine, intimate, introvert, moody, perceptive, protective, sweet, touchy

Sun in Leo
arrogant, childlike, confident, creative, dramatic, generous, noble, overbearing, proud, warm

Sun in Virgo
analytic, assimilating, cynical, deft, helpful, logical, petty, practical, unassuming, whiny

Sun in Libra
aesthetic, charming, flirtatious, diplomatic, gentle, graceful, indecisive, intellectual, manipulative, partner-oriented

Sun in Scorpio
deep, decisive, emotional, inquiring, intense, magnetic, obsessed, passionate, suspicious, vengeful

Sun in Sagittarius
adventurous, benevolent, dogmatic, enthusiastic, jovial, naive, open, philosophical, spiritual, tactless

Sun in Capricorn
ambitious, effective, fatherly, inflexible, narrow-minded, organized, professional, reserved, resourceful, stable

Sun in Aquarius
* abstract, cold, detached, eccentric, friendly, humanitarian, liberal, insensitive, inventive, observant

Sun in Pieces
compassionate, elusive, imaginative, mysterious, passive, poetic, sensitive, soul-searching, tender, unreliable