About A Touch Of Zen 

Established  in 2010
My Vision is to have a Health and Wellness Retreat where clients can enjoy quality service.  When I was searching for a name that represented what I want to offer "A Touch Of Zen" was born.  A Touch Of Zen is what I want each client to feel when they come to my serene space for a healing session.  My goal is to give each client the very best in order to enhance their healing process leaving them with an overall sense of health and well-being.  My healing treatments run deeper than just the physical body.  Through the blending of the variety of modalities, I can heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit aligning each client into complete balance.

Emjai Rose



About Emjai Rose

Emjai merges her intuitive gifts with a philosophy of healing that runs much deeper than simply providing gentle intuitive counselling. Emjai’s gift is in finding healing for both today and tomorrow. Through gentle empowerment, her clients are guided by her sensitivity to the channels of the universe and the wisdom of her higher guides. Emjai searches, to the benefit of those that come to her, healing, individual truths, unique paths to happiness and a better understanding of self through her intuitive and healing gifts. 

Through her adept use of Reiki, Massage, Aromatherapy and gentle intuitive guidance, each person who enters her serene Beddington retreat achieves a sense of overall balance, health and well-being on all levels in the body, mind, emotions & spirit.


Emjai Rose